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  • Sarah Hopkins

5 Outdoor Activites for Toddlers this Spring

Spring is finally here and after a long winter in the house it is time to start enjoying the outdoors again. Your child has grown and learned a lot over the winter, below are a few activities that you can enjoy with them.


Toddlers learn by using these sense and creating a sensory bins is the perfect way to occupy your little one's curious mind. Fill a plastic bin with sand then add different objects you find outside or in the house. Bury the object in the sand, have your child close their eyes and let them try to guess what it is. Your child can also imagine they are at the beach building a sand castle or at an excavation site.


This is an easy one! Have your little one pick out a few of their favorite books and a snack. Set up a chair or blanket in your yard to create a cozy space where they can enjoy their snack and stories.


Scavenger hunts are fun for kids of all ages. Keep it simple for toddlers. You can pick the different categories (colors, nature themed) and have them find it in the yard. For example, have them try to find something that is blue in the yard or a flow that is starting to bud.


Chalk is great for converting your driveway or patio into a giant canvas, but there are also plenty of games that can be played with using chalk. Have your child lay on the ground and trace their body; when you are done they can add a face, clothes and accessories.


An obstacle course is the perfect way for your child to improve their coordination. They key is to only set up one or two challenges at a time: hop one footed along a path, kick a ball between two objects, or step in and out of a hula hoop on the ground. For challenges, the possibilities are endless!

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